Physics – Interference and Diffraction – MCQs TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Interference and Diffraction – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. To demonstrate the phenomenon of interference we require

#2. Which is the minimum angular separation needed between tow objects in order to be observed by an optical instrument called?

#3. A diffraction pattern is observed when using red light. What is replaced with violet light?

#4. In young’s experiment, one slit is twice as wide as another. In the interference pattern

#5. What happens to the width of the fringe in Young’s experiment if the wavelength of light is doubled without changing anything else?

#6. What will occur if a torch is used instead of a monochromatic source in Young’s experiment?

#7. What will be the intensity of the dark spot in the interference pattern if the amplitude of the two interfering waves is different?

#8. The centre of interference pattern is

#9. Which of the following is NOT true to produce a stable interference pattern?

#10. When are two light sources coherent?


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