Issue of Debentures – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Secretarial Practice 

Issue of Debentures – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. A company raises debt capital through the issue of _______

#2. Power to issue debentures rests with ___________ .

#3. Fully convertible debentures are converted into _____ shares on maturity.

#4. The company has to obtain consent of ______ if issue of debenture exceed Rs. 1 crore.

#5. In order to redeem old debentures the company issues ________ .

#6. A company is required to maintain _____ if the number of debentures holders exceed 50.

#7. The person to whom debentures are issued by the company is called ________ .

#8. The amount which the company receives form applicants for debentures should be deposited in a _______

#9. Debenture certificate must be delivers to the holder within______ moths.

#10. The person responsible for disobeying the order of Company Law Board, shall be fined more than Rs. _______


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