Important Tips to Write a Perfect Answer in Board Exam

It is quite obvious that everyone wants to score well in board exams regardless of their performance in previous class exams as board exams are considered as the turning point in every pupil’s life. One of the main factors for scoring high in CBSE board exams is to know all the concepts thoroughly relevant to subjects; on the other hand, it is also important that students write a perfect answer. Now let’s have a look at some of the important tips that are essential for writing a perfect answer in board exams.

A Good Handwriting
There is no compulsion that your handwriting has to be cursive but it should be neat and clean. The examiner should easily understand your handwriting and it should be readable. Students can reform their handwriting through regular practice.

Time Management
It is not mandatory to write the answers in the same order in the question paper. First, list the set of questions that you are more confident at writing. This will help you to gain confidence and also aids you to spare enough time to think about answers for the rest of the questions that are a bit unclear in your mind. Attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking for wrong answers in board exams.

Space Out Each Word
Don’t stuff 10 words in the same line. Make sure your words are properly spaced out. Try to write the answers in points. Leave at least a line before and after each question. This makes your paper looks neat and clean.

Directly Come to the Point

Follow the word limit while writing the answers. Highlight the main points with a pencil. Draw diagrams wherever possible. Highlight physics, chemistry, maths formulas and answers. Do not write long answers, be conceptual and specific. For literature, follow the proper format and never start writing an article, blog or a letter from the middle of the page. Always start with a new page.

Don’t Panic

There may be certain questions that are asked in your examination that are beyond your knowledge. At such times, don’t be afraid and don’t panic. Be calm and stay focused. As a result, there are chances that you won’t be able to concentrate on those questions that you know quite well.

Check Your Answer Sheet
Don’t forget to check your answer sheet after the completion of your paper. Many times you may encounter several silly mistakes while tallying the answers. Make sure that you have written your roll number correctly before handing over the answer sheet to the examiner.

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