HSC Students angered over October timetable by Mumbai HSC Board.

MUMBAI: After fighting for extra holidays to prepare for their exams in the March 2013 HSC board exams, these students seem to be facing similar problems in the October session as well. While the state board has already announced the timetable for the September-October exam for the year, students are now worried about facing similar problems like that in March.

“The portion had been upgraded only last year and both students and teachers had very little time to understand the new syllabus and work on it. We were hopeful that for the October session, the board will give ample time to students to prepare for difficult subjects like physics and chemistry but it doesn’t seem so,” said a professor from a south Mumbai college. Students are angry that once again, the board has given no holiday for the physics paper while there’s only one day off for chemistry.

Source : http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-12/board-exams/42007216_1_hsc-october-session-students-and-teachers

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