HSC Papers 2016 leaked

Hello HSC Students,

Yesterday on Monday morning 8th Feb 2016 at around 9AM, I received a message that was getting circulated very fast on Whatsapp groups and among my friend circles. The message read:

50 percent of HSC Papers 2016 leaked. Please check this link (I have not included the link for obvious reasons)

When I opened the link, it showed this :hsc-paper-leaked

Oh! Wait a minute, I didn’t intend to prank you. :p

Babaji ka Thullu…

Believe in yourself and study rather depending on others and believing such ***tiyapa…

Share to your friends and encourage them…

Students, do not believe in rumours. As the exams near, the rumours will only increase.

Study the complete syllabus. There are no shortcuts. Revise everything, be confident and prepare for your exams properly.

Best of luck!

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