Explain in brief the different types of e‐business transactions.

Answer: Different types of e‐Business Transactions. 

e‐business means using the internet to connect people and processes for doing business. It also includes providing service to customers and collaborating with business partners across the globe.

The various types of e‐business transactions are as follows:

I. Consumer to Consumer (C to C):

C to C transactions are transactions where consumers buy and sell goods and services from and to other consumers. There are no middlemen involved in this mode of business. The most notable examples of the C to C platform are eBay, Quickr OLX.  Such websites provide the consumers, options to display information and images of their products online. Consumers who want to buy goods can browse through the website and select the goods as per their needs and budget.

 They can also make the payment through the internet. This process has been made secured through advanced technology like Pay Net and Pay Pal. Consumers can also rate their products online and show their liking/disliking for a particula product. There  are also consumer groups and forums that have been formed online for protecting the interests of the consumers and redressal of consumer complaints.

ii. Business to Consumer (B to C):

B to C transactions are transactions between business firms and consumers. A lot of business firms have realized the importance of having an online presence an have listed their products online. They also conduct various online marketing activities to promote their products and services. Customers are able to avail the products at discounted rates through this mode and the transactions are also processed at  a much faster pace. The most notable examples of the B to C platform are flipkart and amazon.

iii. Business to Business (B to B):

B to B transactions are transactions between business firms. Business firms depend on other business firms for a variety of services such as supplying spare parts, raw materials; providing value added services like catering or providing manpower etc.

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