Psychology – Important Question Bank for West Bengal Class XII HS (HSC) Board Exam 2019

HSC Board Exams are fast approaching and students are getting anxious about how to prepare for their HSC Board Exams. So we had mentioned some HSC Study Tips to help students in Cracking HSC Exams.

After the tremendous success of our last year Important Questions Bank for West Bengal Class XII HS (HSC) Board Exam 2016, and 2017we have also created a list of Most Important Question Bank for West Bengal Class XII HS (HSC) Board Exam 2019 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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  1. What is intelligence? What are the approaches to understand intelligence?
  2. What are the approaches related to study of personality?
  3. What are special abilities? Mention its nature.
  4. Write the different types of leadership
  5. What are the different approaches towards ego and personality?
  6. Write a short note on risk and leadership.
  7. What is the concept of ego and self control?
  8. What is the measurement of personality?
  9. What are the different types of group process?
  10. Write a short note on acceptance and obedience.
  11. What are the effects of group on behavior of an individual?
  12. Write the nature of psychological trends.
  13. What are the differences between psychological and social trends? Also write the conflicts between them.
  14. Write the nature of stress, its origin and the different types of stress.
  15. What are the factors determining positive health and happiness?
  16. What is abnormal behavior? Also mention the factors responsible for abnormal behavior.
  17. Distinguish between behavioral and personal abnormalities.
  18. Define treatment. What are the different types of treatment?
  19. Write a short note on rehabilitation of mentally ill.
  20. How is individual behavior related to environmental behavior?
  21. What is environmental stress and what are its effects?
  22. What is renewal able use of energy?
  23. How can the environment be protected?
  24. Write the formation and functions of Institutional Psychology or Organizational Psychology.
  25. Why is selection and training of employee important?
  26. What are the skills required to be a successful psychologist?
  27. What are the social problems? How can we overcome them?
  28. What is population explosion?
  29. What are the challenges faced by the national organizations?
  30. What is statistics? Also state the different types of statistics.
  31. Write a short note on measurement of central tendency and standard deviation.

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