Economics – Unite Wise Marks Distribution – HSC – Maharashtra Board

Economics  – Unite Wise Marks Distribution – HSC – Maharashtra Board 

Unit Wise Weightage

Sr.No.UnitsMarksMarks With Option
Section – A
1.Introduction to Micro Economics408
2.Consumer’s Behavior610
3.A. Demand Analysis815
 B. Elasticity of Demand815
4.Producer’s Behavior610
5.Forms of Market & Price Determination Under Perfect Competition610
6.Factors of Production46
 Section – B
7.Introduction to Macro Economics408
8.National Income613
9.Determinants of Aggregate815
11.Commercial Banking610
12.Central Banking610
13Public Economics47

Weightage to Objectives

Sr.No.ObjectivesMarksPercentageMarks With Option

 Weightage to Type of Questions

Sr.No.ObjectivesMarksPercentageMarks With Option
2.Short Answer486096
3.Long Answer162032


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