Economics – Test 5 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

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#1. Microeconomic analysis adopts _____ method.

#2. ___________ is the subject matter of macroeconomics.

#3. Utility depends on the ______________ of want.

#4. Microeconomics is a _________ equilibrium approach.

#5. Labour is ___________

#6. Land is a free gift of __________

#7. In ___________ market, seller creates product differentiation.

#8. The expenditure incurred on advertisement is ____________ cost.

#9. The supply of agricultural goods mainly gets determined by ______________

#10. Market demand is an aggregate of purchasing by ___________ buyer(s).

#11. If a commodity has many substitutes, then its demand becomes __________

#12. Total Revenue ÷ Number of units sold ______________

#13. As price falls, demand ___________

#14. Indirect demand is also known as ___________ demand.

#15. Warehouses create ____________ utility

#16. Microeconomics assumes______________

#17. ____________ is essential for the formation of capital.

#18. In _____________ , there is a large number of buyers and a single seller.

#19. In __________, the seller has to incur selling cost.

#20. ____________ is the most important determinant of supply.


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