Economics  – Important Question Bank for Tamil Nadu (12th Std) HSC Board Exam 2019

HSC Board Exams are fast approaching and students are getting anxious about how to prepare for their HSC Board Exams. So we had mentioned some HSC Study Tips to help students in Cracking HSC Exams.

After the tremendous success of our last year Important Questions Bank for Tamil Nadu HSC (12th Std) Board Exam 2017 and 2018 we have also created a list of Important Question Bank for Tamil Nadu (12th Std) HSC Board Exam 2019 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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  1. Examine Ricardian Theory of Rent.
  2. State the Cobb – Douglas production function
  1. Explain the methods of measurement of price elasticity of demand in detail
  2. Discuss the objectives and instruments of monetary policy.
  3. Explain the price and output determination under monopoly.
  4. What are the assumptions of Marginal Productivity theory of distribution?
  5. Explain the shift in supply with diagram.
  6. What is indifference curve map? Explain the properties of indifference curve with diagrams.
  1. What are the criticisms of Say’s Law?
  2. Discuss the law of demand
  3. Define Budget. Explain the balanced and unbalanced budget.
  4. What are the determinants of consumption other than income?
  5. Discuss the law of demand. State its assumptions.
  1. What are the merits and demerits of a mixed economy?
  2. What are the merits and demerits of a mixed economy?
  1. What are main sources of tax and non-tax revenue of the state government?
  2. Discuss Keynesian theory of interest.
  3. Explain the relationship between AR and MR curve.
  1. Explain the price and output determination under monopolistic competition.
  2. Discuss the causes, effects and remedies for inflation.
  3. Define Equilibrium Price? How is the equilibrium price determined in the market period?
  1. What are the limitations of fiscal policy?
  2. Describe the law of diminishing marginal utility with a suitable diagram.
  3. Discuss the nature and importance of economics Laws.
  4. Explain consumer’s surplus with the help of a diagram and bring out its importance and its criticism.
  1. List the basic features of socialism
  2. Explain the salient features of capitalism.
  3. Distinguish between free goods and economic goods.

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