Distinguish Between Water Transport and Road Transport

Difference Between Water Transport  and Road Transport

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Sr. NoPoint of DistinctionWater TransportRoad Transport
1.Speed It has a very huge carrying capacity.Road transport has limited speed due to bad road conditions, accidents, etc.
2.Cost of construction and maintenanceIt uses waterways which are natural high-ways and hence there is no cost involved. However, there is high cost involved for construction of ships and ports.It requires limited capital investment in terms of construction of road, vehicles and their maintenance.
3.DistanceSuitable for long distances especially across countries and continents.Recommended for short distance.
4.Transport chargesTransport charges are lowest.Not fixed but are high due to increased fuel prices.
5.carrying capacityIt has a very huge carrying capacity.It has limited carrying capacity.
6.Means of transportIt uses boats, big ships, liners, tankers. Etc.It uses animal’s carts, motor-cycles three and four wheeler.
7.OwnershipIt is owned by both private sector as well as public sector.Is in the hands of private parties.
8.SuitabilityTransporting very heavy goods, machinery in large quantities to any part of the world.Transporting the goods in relatively smaller and quantities for short distance
9.AccidentsChances are less in waterwaysChances are high as poor road conditions and negligent drivers
10.Door to Door ServiceDoes not provide door to door serviceProvide door to door service

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