Distinguish Between Air Transport and Rail Transport

Difference Between Air Transport  and Rail Transport

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Sr.NoPoint of DistinctionAir TransportRail Transport
1.Speed It is the fastest mode of transportIt has considerable speed since it runs on tracks which rarely get disturbed.
2.Cost of construction and maintenanceIt uses airways which are natural and hence there is no cost involved. However, there is high cost involved for construction of air crafts and airports.The cost of construction of trains, railway tracks is high. Also the maintenance of trains, tracks and stations is high.
3.Distance Suitable for long distances.Both long and short distance
4.Transport chargescharges are the very high.Charges are relatively low and are fixed according to the distance
5.Means of transport air crafts, helicopters, jets, etc.passenger and goods train
6.Ownershipowned by both private sector as well as public sector.Ownership is in the hands of the government.
7.AccidentsChances of accidents are less because of good maintenance and expert pilotsChance are less in because of one way track and good signal system

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