Chemistry – Solution and Colligative Properties (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – Solution and Colligative Properties – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. When a liquid is heated its vapour pressure:

#2. The molecular weight of acetic acid in benzene is found to be nearly 118g per mole. This shows that in benzene acetic acid molecules:

#3. Which one of the following is a colligative property?

#4. The solubility of gas in liquid decreases with increase in:

#5. The effect of pressure on solubility of a gas in liquid is given by:

#6. One liter of water containing 90gm of glucose, the mole fraction of glucose in water is:

#7. A solution contains 1.5 moles of sugar and 18.5 moles of solvent hence the mole fraction of the solute is:

#8. The solution having the same osmotic pressure are called?

#9. The relative lowering of vapour pressure of a solution is proportional to the:

#10. A centimolar solution is diluted 10 times its molarity would become

#11. Mole fraction of glycerin in solution of 36g of water and 46g of glycerin is:

#12. 20g of NaOH(molar mass=40g mol-1 is dissolved in 500 cm) of water molarity of resulting solution is:

#13. Which one of the following solution will exhibit highest boiling point:


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