Chemistry – Electrochemistry – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – Electrochemistry – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Oxidation is:

#2. In a dry cell hydrogen gas liberated in oxidized by:

#3. During working, the consistency of EMF is observed in:

#4. The number of coulomb equal to one faraday is:

#5. The charge needed to liberate 0.5g atomic mass of a divalent element is:

#6. The molten electrolyte conducts electricity due to the presence of :

#7. In Cu-Zn cell:

#8. In hydrogen – oxygen fuel cell electrode is made up of:

#9. Galvinisation of iron is its coating with:

#10. The calomel electrode is:

#11. If salt bridge is removed from between the two half cells, the EMF :

#12. The Faradays law of electricity is related to the:

#13. The device used for conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy is called a/an:

#14. The amount of an ion discharge during electrolysis is not directly proportional to:

#15. The current liberates 112ml of hydrogen gas at STP in 965 seconds. The current passed in ampere is:


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