Chemistry – Chemical Kinetics – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Chemistry – Chemical Kinetics – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. The rate of a chemical reaction can be expressed in terms of units

#2. The rate of reaction is negative with respect to

#3. The rate of reaction at a specific instant is called

#4. For a reaction A ← B the rate content is 0.25s. if the concentration A is reduce to half then the value of rate constant is

#5. For a reaction 2A + 3B ← products, the rate with respect to A is r 1 and with respect to B is r 2 are related as

#6. A first order reaction is 75% completed after 32 minutes. When 50% of the reaction was was completed?

#7. Half life of a reaction is found to be same for two different initial concentrations of reactants, therefore the order of reaction is

#8. A first order reaction has rate constant of 2 minute, the half life of this reaction will be

#9. The time for the half life of a first order reaction is one hour. What is the time taken for 87.5% completion of the reaction?

#10. Half life period of any first order reaction is ____


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