Explain the metallic characters of the d-block elements.

i. All the transition elements are metallic in nature. They either have hexagonal close pack (hcp), cubic close pack (ccp) or body centred cubic lattices which is a characteristic of true metal. ii. They are hard, lustrous, malleable and ductile […]

State the general characteristics of transition elements or d-block elements

Characteristics of transition elements: i. Most of the transition elements are metals and thereby they show metallic properties such as ductility, malleability, electrical conductivity, high tensile strength and metallic luster. ii. Except mercury which is liquid at room temperature, other transition […]

Explain the position of d-block elements in the periodic table.

Position of d-block elements in the periodic table: i. The d-block elements lie in between s- and p-block elements, i.e., these elements are located in the middle part of the periodic table. ii. The d-block elements are present in 4th […]

What are d-block elements?

The elements in which the last electron enters the d-orbital of the penultimate shell i.e.,(n-1)d-orbital where ‘n’ is the outermost shell, are called d-block elements. Their general valence or outer electronic configuration is (n – 1) d1-10 ns 1-2 Explain […]