Business Studies – Important Question Bank for Kerala Board (+2) HSE (HSC) Board Exam 2018

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Questions Bank for Kerala Board (+2) Board Exam 2016 and Important Question Bank for Kerala Board (+2) HSE (HSC) Board Exam 2017 we have also created a list of Most Important Question Bank for Kerala Board (+2) HSE (HSC) Board Exam 2018 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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1. Royal insurance company Ltd. Decided to computerise all it’s branches in Kerala to provide better services to the customers. Identify the external environment the company has Made use of.
2. Mr. Siva Kumar, the sales officer of a firm maintains direct contacts with all the employees in His department. Identify the level of management he belongs to.
3. In the opinion of Henry fayol, the management expert, each employee should be received Orders from one superior only. Mention the management principle referred here.
4. One of the following is not a feature of planning. Spot it.
(a) Pervasiveness.
(b) Mental revolution
(c) Continuous process
(d) Flexibility
5. In connection with the Christmas celebration the employees of national Bank formed a small group, who organized a feast and other entertainments. Name the type of organization referred here.
6. From the following choose one which is not a part of the process of organizing
(a) Division of work
(b) Grouping of Jobs
(c) Coordination of activities
(d) Scalar chain
7. The newly established Technical University in Kerala wants to appoint data entry operators.
(a) Suggest a suitable test to be conducted to select the candidates.
(b) Justify your answer.
8. Observe the following methods of communication:
(a) Upward communication
(b) Information communication
(c) Horizontal communication
(d) Diagonal communication
(I) Spot the odd one.
(II) Justify your answer.

9. Identify the management function which denotes the process of ensuring that actual activities conform to planned activities.
10. Select the wrong pair from the following:
(a) Interest. Debentures
(b) Buildings. Working capital
(c) Mix of debt and equity. Capital Structure
(d) Dividend. Share Capital
11. Complete the series:
(a) Treasury Bills — — 14 to 364 days
(b) Call Money — — -(?)
(c) Commercial paper — — — -(?)

12. Colgate Palmolive Ltd. Markets Colgate toothpaste in different colours with varying features.
(a) Point out the element of the product mic referred here.
(b) Explain it.
13. The industry policy 2003 formulated by the Govt. Of India was to highlight some objectives. Name any four such objectives.
14. State any four points that validate management as a science.
15. F. W. Taylor, the father of scientific management developed various techniques to improve Performance of business firms. Explain any four of such techniques.
16. The board of directors of national aluminum Co. Ltd. Decided to implement the following plans in their production department during the year 2014.
(a) Increase the production by 10% in the year 2014.
(b) Only ITI certificate holders should be appointed.
(c) All employees should Punch at the factory gate at 8 a.m.
(d) Newly selected employees should be given one month training.
(1) Classify the plans adopted by the national aluminum Co. Ltd.
(2) Establish the reasons for such classification.

17. Me. Radhakrishnan, the branch Manager of a nationalized bank often shares some of his immediate subordinate Mr. Rajendran, the assistant Manager. This helps Mr. Radhakrishnan to spend more time to mobilize their targeted deposit.
(a) Name the element of organization applied to Mr. Radhakrishnan.
(b) State the various steps to be followed in the process involved in it.
18. In Krishna cashews Ltd. The employees are paid wages on the basis of the quantity of cashews processed by each one.
(a) Name the method of wage payment system applied there.
(b) State any three merits of the system.
(c) Identify any two types of firms where this is suitable.
19. “Effectiveness of leadership depends upons the qualities of a leader.” Explain any four qualities of a leader.
20. “Planning and controlling are inseparable Siamese twins of management”. Why?
21. Indian money market is a well developed one with the active participation of large numbers of financial institution and the presence of innovative financial instruments.
(a) Name any three participations of Indian money market.
(b) Name any three innovative financial instruments prevailing in Indian money market.
22. The aim of marketing and selling  is to Maximize profit. Yet they differ in their approach. Differentiate between these two pointing out four differences.
23. In India there are different consumer protection agencies. Name any six of them.
24. “No business can run successfully without adequate working capital.” By highlighting this Fact:
(a) Narrate the significance of adequacy of working capital.
(b) Identify the important factors influencing working capital for a firm.
25. “Management of fixed capital involves allocation of firm capital to different long term assets or projects.” By highlighting this statement, you are required to:

(a) Identify and explain the various factors influencing the fixed capital requirements of a company, and
(b) State the principles to be followed in managing the fixed assets of a company.
26. Mr. Mohan Das, the proprietor of Dad Automobiles Ltd. Wants to open a branch of it’s business at nagercoil. He is not aware of any sales promotion measures. As a marketing expert, you are requested to narrate him the various objectives of sales promotion and the different sales promotion techniques suitable for his business.
27. “It is often criticized that“ advertisement is a wasteful activity and an unnecessary cost.” You are asked to establish the statement by highlighting the various arguments against advertisement.
28. Mr. Raveendran is the marketing manager of a toy manufacturing company he maintains a closer watch on the day to day performance of the sales personnel in the firm. Name the level of  management he belongs to.
29. The process of organizing involves carrots steps as given below. Rearrange them in the sequential order.
(a) Establishing authority relationship
(b) Coordination of Jobs into departmentation
(c) Division of work.
30. Mr. Varghese is the leader of a marketing team of 25 salesman. Due to increased number of members he could not supervise them efficiently and hence failed to achieve the target. Identify the element of organization structure violated here
31. The basis steps involved in control process are given below. Arrange them in sequence.
(a) Taking corrective action
(b) Measurement of performance.
(c) Establishment of standards
(d) Comparison of performance with standards.
32. Hindustan levers Ltd. Markets different products ranging from I soaps, detergents, cosmetic products etc. Which element of product mix is mentioned here? Explain.
33. A numbers of unfair trade practices are commonly found in the market. State any 6 of them.
34. Planning is an intellectual process of thinking before found an activity. Do you think so? Why?
35. Do you think that there are some importance in Consumer Protection? If so explain

36. “planning without control is like an aircraft without pilot.”
(a) Do you agree with this statement? Why?
(b) Establish the relationship between and controlling.
37. Kerala cattle feeds Ltd. Introduced a new product in the market. They decided to fuck a higher price at the beginning and will be reduced later step by step.
(a) Identify the pricing policy followed by them.
(b) State three conditions under this policy is successful.

38. A major function of financial Management of any firm is to decided whether to distribute all profits or retain them or distribute a portion and retain the balance.
(a) Identify the policy decision of financial management referred above.
(b) Explain the various internal factors influencing the said decision.
39. Mr. Goutham Krishna is the Finance Manager of a newly floated company. The Board of Directors of the company directed him to formulate an appropriate capital structure for the company.
(a) What are the different forms of capital structure he should consider while formulating the same ?
(b) Also point out the various factors influencing capital structure in this regard.
40. “The modern personal selling concept aims at helping customers to satisfy their needs.” By highlighting this statement:
(a) Narrate the important features of personal selling.
(b) Explain the qualities required for a good salesman.

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