Business Finance – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Secretarial Practice 

Business Finance  – TEST 1   (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Business finance deals with _______ activities of business.

#2. A business firm is basically ________ organization.

#3. Normally _____ given advice to Board of Directors in respect of financial matters.

#4. Wealth maximization of owner means maximization of _______ of Shares.

#5. Due to ______ planning it is possible to eliminate wasteful expenditure.

#6. The _________ means mix-up of various sources of funds in desired proportion.

#7. Large manufacturing companies have ______ investment in fixed assets.

#8. Big retail stores require large amount of _____ capital

#9. The _______ concerns can acquire funds from various sources.

#10. Trading on equity means use of ________ capital for financing a firm.


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