Biology – Important Question Bank for CBSE Class XII (HSC) Board Exam 2020

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After the tremendous success of Important Questions Bank HSC (12th Std) Board Exam 20162017 and 2019 we have also created a list of Most Important Questions Bank for CBSE Class XII (HSC) Board Exam 2020 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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  1. What are changes that can be seen post fertilization of a plant?
  2. Write a short note on megasporogenesis.
  3. What is vasectomy?
  4. Explain briefly distinction between Sexual and Asexual reproduction.
  5. Write a note on apomixes.
  6. What are the methods to check the present population growth?
  7. Small animals don not show regulation. Give reason to your answer.
  8. Write a note on heterogametes? The individual gametes are known as?
  9. Write the differences between Allogamy and Geitonogamy.
  10. The process of fertilization in flowering plant referred as double fertilization. Give reason for the above statement.
  11. What are the pros of pollination to angiospermic plant?
  12. Explain cleistogamous flowers?
  13. What are the effects of heroin in the body?
  14. What is the difference between homologous and analogous structure?
  15. Write down the strategies laid by the flowers tp prevent self- pollination.
  16. Write a note on microsporogenesis.
  17. What are the stages in the maturation of a micro space in pollen grain?
  18. Short note on triple fusion.
  19. Write the actions of FSHι LH and progesterone in menstrual cycle. Write a note on menstrual cycle.
  20. Write the methods use to assist infertility.
  21. What are the reproductive technologies to assist infertility?
  22. Write a note on tubectomy.
  23. Write the way of determining a sex in human being.
  24. What are the causes of Klinefelters syndrome also write the symptoms?
  25. Write the steps in translation.
  26. Write a note on chemogeny.
  27. Short note on biogeny.
  28. Short note on cognogeny.
  29. What is out breeding? Explain the methods of out breeding.
  30. Explain somatic hybridization also mention the steps involved in production of hybrids.
  31. What is biological treatment?
  32. Define conform.
  33. What is the difference between parthenogenesis and parthenocrapy?
  34. Biofertilizer enrich the fertility of a soil. State the reason.
  35. Write distinction between primary and activated sludge.
  36. Explain restriction enzyme. Explain with the help of the diagram.
  37. What is residual volume?
  38. What is PCR? What are the steps in this technique?
  39. What are the tools required for genetic engineering technology?
  40. Write the distinction between regulators and conformers?
  41. Write a short note age pyramid. Explain the type of age pyramid briefly.
  42. What is carbon cycle in ecosystem?
  43. Short note on ozone shield.
  44. Explain reproductive health.
  45. Explain out cross breeding.
  46. Write the application of DNA fingerprinting technique.
  47. Write the important function of fluid filled double membranous layer around the lungs.
  48. What are the causes of emphysema?
  49. Write the mode of transportation of carbon dioxide in blood.
  50. What is mechanism breathing?
  51. What is the role of the neural system in controlling respiration?
  52. What is GEAC? What are the objectives of GEAC?
  53. What is GMO? Write the pros and cons of GMO?
  54. Write a note on recombinant vaccine.
  55. Write the ways to control RNA.

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