Biology Important Question Bank for Bihar Class 12th Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2019

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Questions Bank for Bihar Class 12 Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2016,  2017 and 2018 we have also created a list of Most Important Questions Bank for  Bihar Class 12 Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2019 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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  1. Differentiate Epitasis and Hypostasis? Describe the types of Epitasis.
  2. Describe the structure of an ecosystem.
  3. Define adaptation. Give an account of desert adaptations found in animals. What are the measures for prevention and control of communicable diseases?
  4. Discuss about the features of innate immunity. How is it different from acquired immunity?
  5. Draw a neat: well labeled diagram of an antibody molecule.
  6. Explain diagrammatically the life cycle of malaria parasite in man.
  7. What are the measures for prevention and control of communicable diseases?
  8. Describe briefly the strategies of conservation of biodiversity.
  9. What are solid wastes? Classify it. Write a note on management of waste disposal
  10. What is global warming? Write about the factors and effects of global warming. How it can be controlled?
  11. Discuss about different aspects of AIDS.
  12. Explain Darwin’s principal of Natural selection.
  13. What is reproductive health? Mention some problems and strategies of reproductive health.
  14. Write a note on parturition and lactation.
  15. How is Biotechnology useful for industry and fermentation products?
  16. Draw a neat and well-labelled diagram of human placenta and enumerate its functions.
  17. Mention the differences between spermatogenesis and Oogenesis.
  18. Describe the structures of the male reproductive organs.
  19. What is Pedogenesis? Explain.
  20. What are Monoclonal antibodies? What is its application?
  21. What is micro propagation? What are the processes involved in it.
  22. Explain the role of microbes in house hold food processing and industrial production. Or, what is sewage? Discuss its treatment.
  23. Differentiate between Genotype and Phenotype
  24. What is apomixes? Discuss its importance.
  25. Differentiate between Homothallus and Heterothallus
  26. What is colorblindness? How it is transmitted from one generation to another?
  27. Draw a well Labeled diagram of the transverse section of a somniferous tubule. Describe the ‘Big Bang theory’ of origin of universe
  28. Enumerate the features of Homo habilis.
  29. What is masculinization and how is it caused?

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