Accounts – TEST 9 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

Accounts – TEST 9 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

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#1. The document inviting offers from public to subscribe its share is called _______

#2. If a bill falls due for payment on 26th January, then the payment must be made on _________ January.

#3. If opening capital is Rs. 40,000, closing capital is Rs. 90,000, withdrawal is Rs. 5,000 and additional capital brought in is Rs. 10,000, Profit is Rs. _______

#4. If the number of partners in a firm falls below two, the firm stands _________

#5. Realisation account is ________ on realisation of assets.

#6. If any asset is taken over by partner from the firm ________ account will be debited

#7. Wages paid for installation of machinery should be debited to ________ A/c

#8. If shares are issued at its face value, its is called as issue at ______

#9. There are _____ parties to a Bill of Exchange

#10. Under Single Entry System, Opening Capital = Opening Assets Less _____


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