51 Business Studies Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12th Intermediate (HSC) Board Exam 2018

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After the tremendous success of our last year Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12 (JAC) HSC Board Exam 2016, and 2017 we have also created a list of  Most Important Question Bank for Jharkhand class 12 Inter (HSC) Board Exam 2018 which are likely to appear in HSC Board Exams this year.

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1. What is “Gang Plank’? Show it through a diagram.
2. Explain the meaning and process of organising.
3. Discuss Management as an art as well as a Science
4. Define Decentralization? How is it difference from Delegation of Authority.
5. State first steps in the Process of Planning?
6. Co-ordination is not a separate function of Management Explain with the help of a suitable Example.
7. Explain in brief , the meaning of “Universal Applicability of Principles of Management.” Describe two features.
8. How does Planning facilitate Control?
9. Explain how Planning provide direction to action?
10. Explain how Planning is futuristic?
11. Explain how Planning reduces the risk of un certainly?
12. What do you mean by Co-ordination? Co-ordination is the essence of Management. Explain.
13. Enumerate 14 (Forteen) Principles of management prescribe by Henry Fayol.
14. Write any three difference between Divisional organization structure and functional organization structure.
15. You are working as ‘Regional Manager’ in Bajaj Auto Company Ltd. Name the levels of Management at which you are working? State your functions you will perform as “Regional Manager in the company.
16. Which plan is numerical and can be expressed in monetary of non-monetary term of both of them?
17. If an organization dies not provide the right place for physical and human resources. Which principles is violated? What are the consequences of it ?
18. What is the meaning of Delegation of Authority? Discuss the steps of process of Delegation of Authority.
19. Distinguish between :- (i) Policies and Procedures (ii) Methods and Procedures (iii) Policies and Rules
20. “A Successful enterprise has to achieve its goals effectively & efficiently- Explain.
21. What is principle of “Scalar Chain? Explain briefly the Utility of ‘gang plank’ with the help of diagram.
22. Is ‘management a full fledged’ profession. ? Give your reasons in support of your answer
23. Write short notes on :- (i) Budget (ii) Objective (iii) Strategy
24. What is Primary Market. Explain the differences between Primary Market and Secondary Market.
25. “An effective control should be corrective and not preventive.” Explain and state the process of control.
26. What is mean by financial planning ? Define Capital structure and Explain the factors which structure of a business enterprise !
27. Give any three merits of internal recruitment.
28. You want to become a good leader. What qualities should you have. ?
29. Discuss the methods and techniques of control.

30. Name the following :-
(a) The stock Exchange which is the latest, must modern and technology driven Exchange.
(b) The bill of Exchange used to Finance working Capital requirements of Business, Firms.
(c) The Market where securities are sold by the company to the investors directly.
(d) The Market where the prices are determined by Demand and Supply for the securities.
31. Explain any four factors which affect the working capital requirements of a business.
32. Explain Different kinds of financial and non-financial incentives a manager used to motivate its employees.
33. Explain How does controlling helps in achieving objectives and improving employee’s moral?
34. Explain the difference between :- Capitalisation and capital structure – Over capitalisation and under capitalisation
35. Differentiate between vertical and Horizontal Formal Communication.
36. Enumerate any three factors which influence the design of any pay plan. (i) legal factors (ii) Trade union (iii) Company policy
37. Explain Different kinds of financial and non-financial incentives a manager used to motivate its employees.
38. Explain the meaning of financial planning. Give its two features.
39. What is OTCEI / and Explain its advantages.
40. “Branding helps in detecting product out of hundreds of products.” Explain the above statement in the light of characteristics of a good brand.
41. State any six relief’s available to a Consumer when the Consumer Court is satisfied with the genuineness of the complaint.
42. Stock Exchange provides liquidity in investments. Discuss.
43. What is channel of distribution? Explain the factors determining channel of distribution.
44. Consumer protection Act provides some rights to the consumers. Explain any four rights of the consumer a per the Act.
45. Differentiate between advertising and publicity.
46. What do you mean by SENSEX. Explain.
47. Mrs. Kanchan purchased Maruti S X 4 can form a second hand Car dealer after 3 months she came to know about the  manufacturing problem in Car gear box. Car was sold to original purchaser by Maruti dealer with 3 year warranty scheme and this period of warranty is not expired. Guide mrs Kanchan.
48. Why SEBI is established ? Give Reasons.
49. They say money spent on advertising is a waste on the other hand some say it is an investment.
Explain the above by bringing out the merits and demerits of advertising.
50. What do you mean by (i) Bulls and Bears (ii) Penny Stacks.

51. Explain the term ‘Co-ordination’ and its importance in management

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