History – The History Teacher and The Methods of Teaching History   – TEST (MCQs Maharashtra HSC Board)

Applied History – The History Teacher and The Methods of Teaching History  – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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Question #1: The required qualification for higher secondary teacher is _____

Question #2: Contribution for the development of constructivism was of _____

Question #3: Effective method of teaching adopted since ancient time was ____

Question #4: Creation of nation is ___

Question #5: The national policy on education have ___ core units

Question #6: The essential quality of ___ is needed for a history teacher.

Question #7: The origin of the project method is found in the work of ____

Question #8: We find the origin of constructivism in the thought of _____

Question #9: “Teaching is the supreme art to create knowledge realization ‘ says _____

Question #10: Father of project method was ____

Question #11: The role of the teacher is of ___-

Question #12: The acquired knowledge of question method was adopted by ____

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