History – Historical Research  – TEST (MCQs Maharashtra HSC Board)

Applied History – Historical Research – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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Question #1: In 1856 _____ started archaeology department in India.

Question #2: india’s national archives is situated in _____

Question #3: Before the invention of paper, bark of ____ tree was used for writing purpose.

Question #4: Surveying techniques were developed by _____

Question #5: Scientific methods in excavation were introduced by ____

Question #6: Most of the copper plates start with the word _____

Question #7: Archives is ___ of each country.

Question #8: Worlds first scientific and systematic archives were found in ____

Question #9: Asiatic society was supported by ___

Question #10: Charles Darwin presented his law of evolution in the book named ____

Question #11: Root of history is in ____

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