Difference Between: Jobber and Broker

Discussion Between – Jobber & Broker.

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difference jobber and broker

Sr. No Discussion Jobber Broker
1. Meaning Jobber is a dealer who deals in buying and selling of securities. Broker is an agent who deals in buying and selling of securities on behalf of his client.
2. Nature of trading A jobber carries out trading activities only with the broker. A broker carries out trading activities with the jobber on behalf of his investors.
3. Restrictions on dealings A jobber is prohibited to directly by or sell securities in the stock exchange. Also he cannot directly deal with the investors. A broker Acts as a link between the jobber and the investors. He trades i.e. buyers and sells securities on behalf of its investors.
4. Agent A Jobber is a special mercantile agent. A broker is a general mercantile agent.
5. Form of consideration A jobber gets consideration in the form of profit. A broker gets consideration of commission or brokerage.

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